What does Hunter Stone do?

What does Hunter Stone do?

Hunter Stone will help you select the perfect natural stone for your project. We will listen to your wants and needs and help you choose the perfect stone from our quarry partners. We specialize in the following product selections:

  • Full thickness veneer is 3" to 5" thick
  • Thin veneer stone is usually 1-1/4" thick +/-1/4"
  • Landscaping stone (Flagstone, outcropping stone, curbing, beam stones, boulders)

We will consult with you on color, pattern, blends, and the architecture so that it will compliment your project. If you are a contractor, developer, or landscape design center our products would be a good value to you and your clientele.

Why Stone?

Natural stone has been sought to build Cathedrals, Castles, and Homes that have withstood the test of time. These distinctive and unique buildings illustrate the beauty of natural stone. Your only limitation is the creativity of the architect.

Granite, Marble, and Travertine have been used for the beauty and durability of interiors. Now more than ever, architects and builders are utilizing natural stone for its beauty and durability in the construction industry.

Hunter Stone specializes in supplying natural building stone, landscaping products, and precast throughout the United States. When it comes to stone, the client and the project are always unique. We strive to provide our customers with excellent customer service while incorporating exceptional product knowledge. We work closely with our Clients, Contractors, Developers, and Architects on every project. Whether it is finding the perfect blend, cut, or color, we are passionate about the quality of the stone. Every detail is taken into consideration, even delivery and palletizing of the material, which results in a minimal waste factor.